Designers And Suppliers Of:
Mineral Process Equipment And Solutions

Agitators & Vortex Mixers



Available Mixers:
  • Swirl-Flow Mixer – Leach applications (CIL, CIP)
  • Portable Mixer
  • Agitators
  • Conventional process mixer
MPT Design Features:
  • Revolutionary impeller design.
  • Painted with abrasive resistant coating or wear resistant plate.
  • In a power failure situation, impeller does not get embedded in the “mud”, as Impeller is immersed 1/3 from the top tank level.
  • Excellent diameter to height tank ratios of 1:3.
  • Result in small plant footprint for tank design. Up to 50% energy saving.
  • Shaft housed in a bearing assembly with no gearbox.
  • VSD Driven.

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