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MPT’s Barrel rotary breaker, designed for size reduction of the product (especially coal) or removal of debris. The size reduction obtained is generally between 4:1 and 3:1. Lifter bars are included as a standard for the correct release height of the material. Rotational speeds are designed for 25% – 40% of the critical speed. This Allows for lifting and dropping to crack and break rather than throwing which produces fines. Sufficient elevation is ensured by the lifter barssured by the lifter bars are designed to release the uncrushed coal at 60º – 75º rotation, giving optimal impact at the bottom of the barrel.

This allows the coal particles to collide and break along its natural grains (cleavage lines), resulting in uniform particle size distribution (PSD) with very little production of fines ready for futher processing. This method prevents attrition grinding taking place which forms super-fines. Due to VSD operation we can be versatile in this process. This drive and control methodology allows for optimal power consumption.

The construction is from mild Steel, allowing for robust design. Continuous feed into breaker using specific designed feed chutes. Outlet scoop assembly to guarantee regulated outlet flow. THe screening plates are perforated with apertures to a maximum open area for max effeciency, 25mm thick mild steel plate is used to maximize durability and wear life for the large open areas. THe Breaker is fully enclosed with dust covers. The efficiency of the breaker vs rotational speed is presented simply by a parabolic curve, where the peak performance has to be found. The optimum speed is found to be 30% to 35% of the critical speed. The speed of the breaker can be controlled and optimized until the optimum speed is achieved by the installed VSD.

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