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Tankfarm Reagent Plants

The three tank cycling design minimizes volume required and allows +/- 60% capacity with one tank off line. Hydramix Hi-rate floc plants have the following features:

  • Fully integrated plant including loading system for reagent access stair and platform and post dilution of hydrated solution.
  • Water based transport of reagent minimises capital cost because no blowers and rotary valves required.
  • Open mixing system easy to clean and inspect for blockages etc.
  • High power mixing of reagent and liquid ensure no fish eyes.
  • Sloped tankage ensures ease of cleaning.

Compact Reagent Plants

The hydramix compact plant offer a cost effective mobilemixing and hydrating system and have the following features:

  • Completely self contained including control system.
  • Built in lifting points for easy relocation.
  • Self contained cover structure option for hostile environments.
  • Overflow containment and diversion to a single point from all tanks makes overflow management simple.
  • Baffled hydrating tank prevents short circulating.
  • Fully or semi-auto options to suit client requirements.

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