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Smooth Rolls Crushers

Roll Crusher

The smooth Roll Crusher is reliable and high-performance, offering numerous advantages over conventional roll crushers. 

The MechProTech High-Pressure Grinding Roller Crusher comes with a standard design of twin 950mm diameter manganese steel lined rollers and a width range of 300, 600, 900 and 1200mm.

MPT Rolls Crusher Features:

  • Wear plate feed chute and sealing arrangement.
  • Mild steel painted support frame complete with heavy-duty bearings with threaded gap adjustment.
  • Twin motor, gearbox and pulley drives.
  • Dressing tool assembly (1-off).
  • Discharge scraper assembly (1-off).
  • Workshop assembly and test run.

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Why Choose the Smooth Rolls Crusher?

Each roll is independently driven, eliminating the need for gearing between rolls.

The roll crusher has roll-hugging inlet liners that prevent short-circuiting of oversize material.

The roll's discharge side is continuously scraped to avoid the build-up of fines on the rolls.

The feed to the roll crusher is distributed across the full face width of the rolls, resulting in even wear across the rolls.

The smooth Roll Crusher features twin manganese steel lined rollers.

It also comes in standard widths of 300, 600, 900, and 1200mm.

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