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Ball Mills


Based on the MPT TITAN™ design, the Mills are girth gear & dual pinion driven with self-aligned flanged motors, running on hydrodynamic oil lubricated bearings.

The TITAN design enables you to run full process load & 40% Ball charge at 80% critical speed – Max grinding power for every shell size.

Standard Mill Types Available:

  • Overflow Ball Mill
  • Grated / Diaphragm Ball Mill
  • Peripheral Discharge Ball Mill
  • Rod Mill

The TITAN designed Girth Gear, Bearing system & Drive housing

  • Fits the flanged drive motors (IP66 Premium efficiency) to align as the drive housing self-aligns with the shell.
  • Runs with a single lubrication system, responsible for both the hydrodynamic lift and gear system lubrication.
  • All drive forces are absorbed in the Modular steel unit, none are transferred to foundation.
  • Hydraulic lift at start-up.

Standard Modular Package Includes

  • Single Scrubber shell with liners & lifter-bars (bidirectional).
  • Lubrication system for drive gear system & hydrodynamic bearing
  • Discharge Trommel Screen (optional)
  • Lobster-Back Inlet Chute (sealed)
  • Jacking Cradles for maintenance lift (replace large cranage requirement).
  • Base-frame with guards (modular assembly)
  • 18 Months EXW warrantee with maintenance inspection contract

Ball Mills

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The Robust South African modular design, an essential part of the MechProTech success. Effectively developed and implemented on process plants all around the globe, it stood the test of time and proven itself durable going nearly two decades and counting.

  • Girth gear & dual pinion drivetrain. High pressure  lubrication system
  • UP to 80% Critical speed and 40% Ball charge at maximum grinding power for shell.
  • Bi-Directional -Prolongs liner life by up to 70% without losing performance.
  • All cost effective and commercially available equipment, specialized and readily available.
  • Up to 1.3 MW on a single modular skid base.


  • Comes complete in frame / skid – can transport & relocate as a unit.
  • The base-frame holds together the complete Mill/Scrubber & drive with: Inlet chute, Discharge sump, Base frame (including guards) and Jacking cradles.  Drive-alignment: The TITAN design implies pinion & girth gear line-up on drive housing & bearing by means of the shell weight.
  • VSD Controlled (no slow starter or barring gear required) Includes PLC Autogenous control with HMI.
  • Pre-assembled and dry commissioning in MechProTech workshop prior to release.
  • No special civil requirements – The drive forces are contained within the drive housing, shell and baseframe structure therefore the foundation only see the vertical weight of the module as a single unit.


  • Vesconite composite bearing (instead of conventional white metal bearing).
  • Large contact area for low pressure.
  • Runs on oil-fi lm. No surface contact / friction during operation.
  • Cost eff ective & ease of maintenance.
  • Low wear: changeout rarely if well maintained.
  • Light enough to be carried and handled by a single person.
  • Bearing change can be completed within an hour with the included Jacking Cradles.


  • Autonomous hydraulic jacks.
  • Shell lift to change out bearings, or maintenance inspections.
  • Eliminated the need for large overhead craneage.
  • Eliminated the need for large craneage.

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